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What is a cookie?

Cookies are messages that web servers pass to your web server when you visit or browse Internet sites. Your browser stores each message in a small file, called cookies.txt. And asked permission for the file to be placed on your computer hard drive. So that when you request another page from the server, your browser sends the cookie back to the server.

We at Naughty Monkeyzz will use cookies to monitor your current shopping session to help personalize your experience by gathering information about your browsing preferences. You can accept or block cookies permission requests.

Please note that if cookies are disabled or refused, some websites may not be accessible or request you to unlock the permission in order to access the website

By using Naughty Monkeyzz site, you agree on our cookies policy. We will only use cookies to to access your shopping habit. Cookies will not gather any personal information about you for the purpose of marketing or which Internet sites you have visited.

Cookies will only be used for:

  • Remember membership log-on
  • Information entered by you on shopping forms while navigating to different pages in a web browser session.
  • Shopping cart contents
  • Ensure that you be redirected to the correct page in case of future changes to the website

Cookies will not be used for:

  • Gathering personal information that could be used for marketing such advertising products or services to you.
  • Collect personal information about you.

Naughty Monkeyzz uses performance cookies

Performance cookies are used to improve the website functionality and monitor its performance. No information about you will be collected by these cookies.

  • Performance cookies measure any errors that occurs in order to help us improve the website
  • Websites designs are tested using A/B multivariate testing
  • Provide statistic on how our website is used
  • Anonymous user session recording in order to improve website usability
  • Google Analytics to capture data for the purpose of website usability for aggregated reporting and statistics.

Performance cookies will not be used to:

  • Gather information about you for marketing purposes.
  • Gather any personal information.